To Love, Honour and Cherish

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As I think about those that have not benefited from a supportive life partner I recognize that I am no more deserving of a meaningful relationship than anyone else. I have no magic answers as to why our relationship has thrived.

My PD Community

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There is a special bond that develops when you meet someone who is facing the same daily challenges as you. Someone that needs no drawn out explanation of how you are feeling physically, that understands

Now To Tell the Kids

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Let’s face it, this disease doesn’t just affect us, it inevitably affects our whole family unit and that includes those especially vulnerable, our children. Not sheltered from the reality of this disease, many children observe

Has My Illness Affected the Way I Parent?

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Parkinson’s disease like many chronic illnesses, has undoubtedly affected every aspect of my life and I guess parenting is no exception. Since my life as a mother began, the Parkinson's has been an unwelcome companion Read more...

All For One

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Let’s be honest, we are all social beings, granted some of us more than others, and our social network can provide us with the distraction that we sometimes need to escape from our daily stress. It’s nice to lose yourself in the sometimes mindless chatter Read more...

In Sickness and in Health

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In sickness and in health… regardless of religion or cultural background, this vow usually makes its way into most wedding ceremonies. But how many of us in our relative youth at that time, actually truly understand what those words mean. Read more...

Other Publications

Parenting with a Chronic Disease

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Parenting is a challenge in and of itself and to do it well is even more difficult. Add into the mix dealing with a chronic disease and the hurdles are magnified. Doubts and concerns that may not enter the minds of our relatively healthy counterparts plague us relentlessly. Read more...

With Control & Optimism

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Parkinson's has always been an unwelcome part of my mothering experience: while changing and bathing my girls as newborns Read more...

Talking To Kids About Parkinson's

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Disclosing a diagnosis of Parkinson’s to a child is an important task, one that can either be a positive experience or if not approached carefully, can be a stressful one. It is a conversation that may be difficult to initiate – when is the right time to tell a child? Read more...

One Mother's Journey

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When Soania Mathur found out she had Parkinson's disease, she was carrying her first child and just 27 Read more...

No Age Limit

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We like to raise money for Team Fox because our mother has Parkinson's. Read more...

I Wouldn't Change a Thing

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Gratitude for each other—and their time together—has been a recurring theme for the Mathurs. After Soania's diagnosis of YOPD at 27 Read more...

Talking To Kids About PD

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There may be a level of fear associated with the changes that they see in their parents or grandparents - particularly if not acknowledged or left unexplained.. Read more...

Stress of PD on Relationships

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Divorce rates are higher in couples where one partner is affected by chronic illness, compared to the general population. There are many factors that contribute to these difficulties. Read more...

6 Tips for Nurturing Your Relationship

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In sickness and in health… how many of us in our relative youth at the  time we make such a pronouncement, actually truly understand what those words mean.  Read more...

Parenting With PD

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Parenting in today’s world is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of time and attention to raise healthy, well-adjusted children – a challenge for any parent. Read more...

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