To My Newly Diagnosed Self

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To my newly diagnosed self. You may not feel it at the moment but Parkinson’s will be your ultimate blessing, not the curse you see it as. That facing this challenge will teach you humility, empathy and strength.

Shaky in Stilettos

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And so the diagnosis was made, and the dance with denial, anger, fear and secrecy began. As the tremor worsened in my right hand, then my right foot, and ultimately progressing to the left side of my body,

Dear PD

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“Dear PD I’ll admit you may have conquered me in the beginning, made me fear the future and lose faith in my capabilities, but I soon learned to put you in your place. My dance with denial, fear and secrecy eventually came to an end.

Words of the Wise

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It is during those times that I turn to the wisdom of others, the words of visionaries that put my own struggles into perspective and help bring me back to a place of inner peace, acceptance, Read more...

Mirror, Mirror...

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Yet here I am, worried about how I must appear to those on the other side of the camera as they evaluate my condition – the degree to which my body tremors and contorts. And why? Read more...

Cheer Up, It Could Be Worse!

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It was also a time that he was learning to cope with his Parkinson’s diagnosis and as I read his words, how much he has influenced my own way of facing this battle, becomes so very apparent. Read more...

Happy New Year!

And for me, what a challenge it has been, a challenge more so for the spirit in some ways, than the body. For a long time, I focused on the difficulties that I faced on a daily basis and all that I felt I was giving up. Read more...

Lessons My Father Taught Me

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Through his example I learned the merits of determination, responsibility and perseverance. He instilled these values in me with gentleness and respect, often in forms of stories that he had heard, some he made up. Read more...

Don’t Miss Out!

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Would the horse sense my tremor? Would I be able to hold the reins in one hand for an extended amount of time? Would I be able to keep my balance? And most daunting of all, would I be able to do this or would I fail? Would this be another thing that Parkinson’s took away? Read more…

Other Publications

10 Lessons I've Learned

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Each of us is challenged in some way, be it in our health, our finances, our occupations or our interpersonal relationships and many of the same principles that I learned on my particular journey are hopefully relevant regardless of the challenge you are facing. Read more...

The Challenge of Chronic Disease

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For a long time, I focused on the difficulties I faced on a daily basis and all that I felt I was giving up. Primarily because it was not my choice to slow down, I was not given the option. My husband and I were both enjoying parenthood, we both had blossoming careers, Read more...

The Power of Optimism

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The power of choice – to choose optimism over despair. It became very clear to me that until a cure, my future included Parkinson’s disease. The diagnosis itself was not within my control but how I faced this challenge was mine to determine. Read more...

Managing Stress

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What is experienced as stress of course varies from person to person - it may be occupational, health-related, interpersonal relationship problems Read more...


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Recognize that within you lies great inner power – your ability to choose your reaction to any given set of circumstances. Read more...

Overcoming Challenges

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The diagnosis was made and my dance with denial, fear, anger and secrecy began, Read more...

In My Own Words

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It started out on a summer's day, at the age of 27, with a slight tremor in my right pinkie finger. Read more...

5 Coping Tips

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But in order to optimize our quality of life, we must learn techniques whereby we are able to cope with the stress that we face on a daily basis.Read more...

5 Things to Avoid

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 Just as there are things we should do to help us manage the stress that a diagnosis such as Parkinson’s disease or any other chronic illness brings, there are behaviours that we need to avoid. Read more...

Facing PD With Optimism

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Optimism may be defined as “hopefulness and confidence about the future”, something all of us find difficult to maintain at some point following our diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Read more...

Audio & Video

Interview on "What She Said" SiriusXM

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Interview with Christine Bentley and Sharon Caddy on Parkinson's as it has been brought to the attention of the general public in the wake of Robin Williams untimely and unfortunate death.